проф. Владимир Тонев

Prof. Vladimir Tonev

Department of Prosthetic Dentistry, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Medical University - Plovdiv

About the lector

This course is aimed at general dentists and specialists who want to learn more about the evidence-based concept for the treatment of periodontally compromised patients, regenerative and plastic-aesthetic periodontal and perimplant surgery, as well as clinical concepts for the prevention and treatment of perimplant diseases.

Starting with a review of the anatomy, microbiology, etiology and pathogenesis of periodontitis and perimplant diseases, the Berne concept is based on comprehensive biological research in recent decades.

It covers the most important aspects related to diagnosis, treatment planning, non-surgical and surgical therapy, the use of systemic and local antibiotics, lasers and photodynamic therapy, regenerative and plastic-aesthetic periodontal and perimplant surgery in the overall treatment concept.